I'm an artist and illustrator living in Scotland, UK. My focus is oil painting and pyrography that captures the essence of wildlife and nature, bringing a little moment of reflection, character and poise to the viewer.

Having grown up in Argyll, the west coast of Scotland and it’s rural charm has subconsciously had a hand in molding and developing my work. Nature has always been at the forefront of my artwork throughout education, even as far back as early primary school.
After leaving Argyll to study Painting at University in Aberdeen, these natural influences only strengthened my resolve to focus on it’s relationship with it’s immediate environment.

Returning to the west coast after the break from rural living has allowed me the opportunity to rekindle that initial passion, revisiting the landscape and witnessing it’s wildlife with new eyes. Through study and development I hope to explore themes both old and new that focus on the relationship between myself and the natural environment of the area.

Through my website I hope to share my artwork with you, and hopefully you, too, will see that spark of spirit and charm that's captivated and inspired me.



2014      -     Graduated Gray’s School of Art (Robert Gordon University), BA Painting



2017      -     Open Studio, Artmap Argyll, Aug 25 - 28

2016      -     Open Studio, Artmap Argyll, Aug 26 - 29